Cameron Grover Barbie Story

Cameron Grover Barbie Story

Why I decided to host a Big Aussie Barbie

I saw an advertisement about Big Aussie Barbie and straight away I said to myself 'I'm going to give it a crack and host a BBQ!'.

My father has prostate cancer, so I really wanted to do my bit to support him and all those who are suffering from this disease. My hope was to have us all come together, have a great time and help out a great cause, so I began planning and thankfully a lot of people were happy and willing to help out.

Our BBQ success

I invited my friends and family along and I was so overwhelmed by how many of them turned up to support my event. I guess the advantage of organising an event like a 'Big Aussie Barbie' is that everyone loves a good BBQ! I organised sausages, salads and potato bake on the day. When I told our local butcher what the sausage were for, he ended up donating the whole lot of them for free! I really appreciated his generosity and it really helped me keep my costs down for the event.

I held a raffle on the day with some great prizes that everybody loved. I don’t think there was one person that didn’t donate throughout the day so I was truly overwhelmed by my family and friends support and I know I couldn't have done it without them!

The difference one BBQ can make

We managed to raise a total of $1,322 which just shows that you can make a real difference by hosting something as simple as a backyard BBQ with family and friends. It was because of everyone's amazing support that my BBQ was so successful and I can honestly say I couldn't have done it without them!