The Murphy Boys

Why we decided to sign up to host a Big Aussie Barbie

As a group of brothers we often find it hard to catch up with our mates/male friends as a lot of our family and friends are in the same boat with young families. We were just interested in getting a group of friends together for a catch up initially. When one of us suggested we should try and raise money for a cause, we searched online and found the Big Aussie Barbie. Things snowballed from there!

Our friends were really supportive. They were initially curious why we chose prostate cancer (as we are all healthy), but I think they liked the idea that getting together as a group, we could make a small difference particularly supporting a male cancer cause. We also had some friends and family, that could not attend, make a donation which was great and much appreciated. We felt grateful to have such a great group of friends and family who really got on board.

Our Big Aussie Barbie

We decided to organise our get-together around a couple of sports games (both Rugby Union and Australian Rules) that were happening that weekend. We asked everyone to arrive an hour before the first game, and we had a little chat about prostate cancer and why we thought the Big Aussie Barbie was a great cause to support. We discussed the facts about prostate cancer, in particular we highlighted the fact that more men die of prostate cancer than women die of breast cancer. That surprised us most, as breast cancer seems to have higher awareness in the community.

At times during the afternoon, it was clear some of us didn't even know what a prostate was, or why we had one! But, as we were all guys and in the same boat, we were able to discuss it openly and even have a few laughs whilst learning about it. Later in the evening some of our friends mentioned prostate cancer had affected their family members and so it was nice that they had that feeling of being able to contribute.

Why do you think hosting a Big Aussie Barbie is important?

We all enjoy having a barbie and a catch up with our mates and family, so why not put some extra effort in and raise whatever you can for a good cause. It also seems easier for a group of males to have a chat about things like prostate cancer casually or around each other, rather than speaking with our wives or partners (and we don’t really like talking about that stuff anyway).

We as a group all shared the feeling that we had raised a few dollars, and hopefully helped the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. We didn't feel it was too much effort to host a Big Aussie Barbie, and we know our small contribution can make a difference.

We have already started throwing around a few ideas for next year!