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What is the Big Aussie Barbie?
The Big Aussie Barbie campaign is all about creating a relaxed and fun opportunity for friends, family or workmates to come together, share some food on the barbie, and raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer.

Cricket legend and Big Aussie Barbie ambassador, Matthew Hayden AM, says "Hosting a fundraising barbecue is an easy way to support the work of Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia".

How your Big Aussie Barbie will help
20,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in Australia each year. It kills more men than breast cancer kills women, yet it has relatively low awareness and funding.

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia is working hard to change this by raising awareness, funding research, and providing information and support to the 200,000 Aussie men and their families living with prostate cancer.

By making your BBQ a Big Aussie Barbie, you can help us raise over $1 million towards these invaluable programs and raise prostate cancer awareness by starting the conversation with your family and friends.

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Follow these six steps and your barbie fundraising will really fire up

1. Set a time and place for your Big Aussie Barbie

Choose your Big Aussie Barbie date and remember it doesn’t just have to be in your back yard! You could host your Big Aussie Barbie at the beach, at work, or at a community venue like your local park, school or sports ground!

2. Activate your online supporter page

When you sign up to Big Aussie Barbie, you will be emailed a link to your personal online supporter (fundraiser) page. Make sure to personalise your page and post regular updates to help remind your supporters to donate to the cause!

3. Invite your guests and spread the word!

Tell all your friends, family and colleagues about your barbie. Make sure to send them a link to your online supporter page and encourage your guests to make a donation for attending – even if they can't attend!

4. Get your local community involved

Ask your local suppliers to get involved by donating food goods or a raffle prize for your barbie. Or why not try asking your local community newspaper to promote your Big Aussie Barbie.

5. Bank any offline money

If you're hosting a Big Aussie Barbie where people donate cash on the day, you can simply deposit your collected funds through your online supporter page via Credit Card, Pay Pal, Cash, Cheque or BPAY.

6. Have fun and share your fundraiser journey

Be sure to have fun at your Big Aussie Barbie and remember to encourage any blokes over 50 to talk to their doctor about being tested for prostate cancer at their next health check-up.

We would love to hear about your Big Aussie Barbie! Please don't forget to share your barbie photos and stories on social media and hashtag us #BigAussieBarbie

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Ambassadors Image Ambassadors Image

Matthew Hayden AM

PCFA is fortunate to have former Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden as celebrity ambassador of the Big Aussie Barbie campaign. Matthew played 103 Test Cricket Matches for Australia, and his record 30 Test centuries surpassed even the great Sir Donald Bradman. We asked Matthew why he chose to support PCFA, and what drives his life and ambitions.

What drew you to PCFA?

My dad Lawrie was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010. When we were told he had prostate cancer, my whole family was effectively given a cancer diagnosis. You go through treatment and recovery together, just like team work in cricket, and it teaches you the importance of banding together to fight this dreadful disease. So my family understands first-hand the devastating effects of a prostate cancer diagnosis. I believe we need to get to the point where discussing health issues, like prostate cancer, is a normal part of our conversations with friends and family.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

The saying, ‘You can take the boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy’, is certainly applicable to me. I loved growing up in Kingaroy, country Queensland and to this day I still enjoy getting into the countryside or going home to our family property.

I am extremely proud of my achievements as a professional cricketer but at the centre of my life is my family.

I am also passionate about building a legacy beyond the famous sporting grounds of the world and replace my 20-year mantra of ‘watch the ball’ with ‘doing, sharing, being’ and focusing on projects which continue to inspire me: media businesses, public speaking & humanitarian endeavours.

Do you support other charities?

In addition to PCFA, it is a privilege to be an Ambassador for the Global Public School of Kerala in India, Co-Patron of Ronald McDonalds House and Co-Patron of the Champagnat Trust, an initiative of my old school Marist College Ashgrove in Brisbane. I’m also proud that my company, The Hayden Way, also takes the lead on community initiatives and continues to drive our partnership with the beautiful people of Tiwi Islands.

What do you do to relax?

Fishing is one of my favourite pastimes, and it’s a great way to spend time with my family. My all-time favourite places to fish would be Moreton Island, flicking for flathead. Cooking is also one of my passions. I love to share my foodie experiences and journey, inspired by characters I’ve met along the way. I plan on building on my repertoire of food publications (Matthew Hayden Cookbooks 1 & 2) as it’s something that really makes me happy.

What does a Big Aussie Barbie look like at the Hayden household?

I’m looking forward to sharing some home-caught flatties and a cold beer with my family and friends at my next Barbie. It’s is a great way for me to relax, and keep up the conversation about prostate cancer.

I really hope that people across the nation are getting behind the Big Aussie Barbie this year. It is a simple way Australians can help PCFA provide information and support to men like my dad. It is all about turning an everyday barbecue into a Big Aussie Barbie, raise some vital funds for PCFA and start talking about prostate cancer with your family, mates or colleagues at work.

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